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Monarc Panels

Concrete Can Be Beautiful!

Developed in New Zealand in 2008, Nauhria Precast introduced their Monarc Brand of precast concrete wall panels. Highly aesthetic, Monarc provides all the benefits of traditional precast like fire resistance, acoustic insulation, structural mass and form. But Monarc’s benefits extend beyond that of traditional precast by providing enhanced properties in Colour, Texture and Detailing, options that give added functional advantages like abrasion resistance, graffiti deterrence & manageability, ease of cleaning & maintenance and term of life aesthetics, and of course not to forget that with Monarc concrete can be beautiful!

Manufactured at Nauhria’s South Auckland production factory, Monarc panels incorporate engineered blends of local, natural ingredients including cement, aggregates, sands and oxides to create beautiful concrete mixtures. Once cast, panels are then diamond refined through Monarc’s patented Diamond Honing, Diamond Brushing or Bush Hammering processes unveiling  the natural beauty from within. Further diamond refinement with Monarc’s integrated cutting, milling and routing tools can transform a flat panel into a bespoke decorative work of art.

Monarc provides Architects and Designers with freedom in design and the ability to truly cast in stone elements of architectural design to last the ages.

For a comprehensive overview of Monarc, see the Monarc website

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Monarc Mill Tooling Profiles:

Monarc CUT

Entry / Exit Radius Offsets

Routing Tool Profiles


Precast Panels come in a variety of custom sizes and shapes.

For lifting, storage, Monarc  processing and transport to site, Monarc panels are generally managed with the long edge down. Panels are then rotated onsite mid-air during the cranage and installation lift.

With Monarc’s unique ability to offer many different finishes, each tooling refinement process has a limited dimension, Panels must be designed or split to fall within these absolute maximum dimensions:


Minimum Unit Thickness: 100mm
Maximum Unit Thickness500mm

Maximum Unit Weight: 18 tonne

Maximum Standard Delivery Length of Unit: 12.0 meters
(Larger units may incur specialised transport costs. (See Transport Specs.)

Maximum Panel Processing Height (from panel long edge) :

Surface Texturing:

  • Diamond Honing       3650 mm  
  • Diamond Brushing    3650 mm
  • Bush Hammering      3200 mm

Decorative Detailing:

  • Monarc Cutting         3200 mm
  • Monarc Milling          3200 mm  |  15mm depth
  • Monarc Routing        3200 mm  |  10mm depth

Further detailed information can be found on the Monarc Product Website:

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