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Columns / Beams

Precast Columns & Beams

Interlocking at junctions between horizontal and vertical components, Precast columns and beams lock together and provide excellent structural properties to the framework of many modern day buildings carparks and multi-level constructions.

Purpose of the framework is varied from spanning openings and supporting floors to providing great compressive strength of compounding loadings and moments of stress in Multi-storey highrises.

They provide a rigid structure stitched together with interlocking reinforcing steel encased and protected in concrete to give durability and ductility to the buillding frame.

Typically more cost effective than structural steel, Precast concrete columns and beams can be quickly manufactured and delivered to site for crane installation with minimal leadtime or material constraints.

Nauhria Manufacture both Fully encased Beams and Columns Half beams of project specific dimension allowing flooring to be Tied into the beam with Concrete topping pours.

Beams are sometimes split to allow mid span supporting columns to be concreted in without terminating the continuity of in Reinforcing bars.

Construction Advice:

As most rebar starters projecting from beams are heavy 20mm+ and High tensile 500E grade bar, it is a really good idea to pay particular attention to the checking and verification of Shop drawings as bars not easy to correct or bend once they have been cast into the unit. Dimensions and positioning at intersections is critical.  Consider also how the unit will need to be installed amidst heavily reinforced junctions of interlocking starter bars.

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