For the safety and protection of all Nauhria Group Employees, Visitors and Property, Nauhria Group’s company buildings are Smokefree workplaces.

The consumption and working under the influence of Drugs and Alcohol is strictly Prohibited.

Employment at NauhriA

As a responsible employer, Nauhria Group appreciate and value their employees and provide opportunities for personal development and growth, To learn and develop new skills and to be part of an exciting and energetic staff base.

Staff are encouraged to participate in and follow the Companies Purpose Missions and Values and to help Build a Great & Safe NZ.

We invite you to send your expressions of interest by completing the employment application form below.


Registered Engineer

Reference: NPL-2002

Nauhria are currently seeking a qualified engineer with the ability to add value across the Nauhria Group with primary focus on the precast operation.

The successful candidate will maintain there IPENZ registration as a Professional Engineer.

They will be able to demonstrate a sound understanding of precast products and processes and will be able to demonstrate their excellent accumen of the New Zealand Construction Industry. 

They shall have a strong solutions based approach to challenges with comprehensive standards knowledge and application.

The position will oversee full producer statement functions including design, production inspections and certification.

Development of future product and production initiatives in support of internal projects.

All Submissions of interest in this position should include Reference: NPL-2002 in the application form below.

Employment Application

Employment Application Form

This Application for Employment form (and any documents you supply with it) is a source of information which will be used to determine your suitability for the position for which you are applying. Failure to supply the requested information may prejudice Nauhria Precasts’ ability to assess your suitability.

If you are successful with your application, the information provided will form part of Nauhria Precast personnel records. Information relating to unsuccessful applicants will be destroyed.

This statement is made under the Privacy Act 1993.

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Through submission of this employment application, I declare that to the best of my knowledge the information I have provided in this application form and in the accompanying Curriculum Vitae or other attachments is complete and correct.

I understand that if any false or deliberately misleading information is given, or any material facts suppressed, I may not be accepted, or if I am employed, I may be summarily dismissed.

I authorise Nauhria to seek verbal or written information about me on a confidential basis from the referees I have nominated, and consent to verification with Imigration NZ, Acc and other regulatory bodies for my elegibility to work /. reside in New Zealand and authorise the information to be released to the Nauhria Group of companies for the purposes of assessing my suitability for the position I am applying for. I understand that the information supplied by the referees will be supplied in confidence as evaluative material and will not be disclosed to me. If my application is successful, I understand the information will form part of Nauhria Groups personnel records.

Information relating to unsuccessful applicants will be destroyed. *


Notes for Applicants

  • If your application is successful, you may be required to provide:
    • Your Birth Certificate or passport, documentation verifying your qualificiations relevant to the position.
    • Your IRD number and bank account details for salary credit purposes.
    • If applicable your certificate of NZ Citizenship, permanent residence permit, or work permit.
  • Nauhria Precast undertakes to collect, use and disclose personal information consistent with its purpose and functions in accordance with the provisions of the Privacy Act 1993.