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Steel Fixing

Steel Fixing

Nauhria proudly employ and operate multiple experienced teams of steel fixers that travel and support the in-situ fixing of reinforcing steel on construction sites.

Fully site safe trained and certified. Steel fixers tie together the reinforcing bars into Reinforcing Cages of horizontal and vertical bars often ribbed by stirrups and links. Together these provide building footings, slabs, columns and pile caps or anywhere that concrete might need to be reinforced.

Not an easy function, the Fixing teams will distribute delivered rebar from safe laydown points to the point of placing to a reasonable distance IE: +/-20 meters, Bars often weighing up to 36kg each can require significant strength and coordination only achievable by human labour.  ANy vertical distribution up or down building levels should be provided by the contractor with craneage or other hoisting means.

Steel fixers jobs are to tie the steel, Sites should ensure prior to their arrival that areas of work are properly prepared and ready for the placing to commence. As work is often in footsin and trenches it is important that work areas are safe and dewatered to a condition safe for the steel fixers to perform.

Inspections of surfaces and prior trades should be completed by the contractor to ascertain that the steel fixing can safely commence.

As Nauhria manage multiple projects, steel fixers are unable to wait around while areas are being completed ready for them to commence as this would dealy other projects that are ready for works to commence at planned and agreed times. In this event a re-booking of services would be required.

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