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Looking after our environment

Clean-Air Filtration Measures

As a responsible employer, Nauhria regularly monitor the Health safety and well being of all our factory staff. Full PPE is provided including Dust masks and respirators where required and Low dust emitting iniatives are implemented across our standard operating procedures to both reduce and extract airborne silicate particles from the air.

In lieu of sweeping and blowing of debris and process dust, Nauhria have implemented sealed vacuum technologies for the removal and capturing of even the finest dust particles.

Machinery areas have been fitted with high volume extraction silos removing particles and waste at key areas where they occur.

It is important for Nauhria to keep our staff healthy and safe at all times. As a responsible caring employer, and in addition to the practical measures implemented throughout the production, Nauhria also operate respiratory health and well being monitoring of all our workers on regular cycles.

Water Capturing and Recycling

Water is a key component for the continuity of high quality concrete and precast production from hydrating concrete through to refinement of architectural finishes.

Nauhria’s harvest pure rainwater from their 12,000m2 factory roof where it is held in storage tanks then circulated as non-potable process water throughout their precast factory. Used process & wash water is then recaptured, clean filtered and continuously reused through the manufacturing operations.

The continuous cycle eliminates both the consumption of fresh and waste water and provides Nauhria with independent continuity of process water for quality product manufacturing.

Energy Savings Initiatives

At Nauhria, playing our part to conserve energy is equally about bringing financial economies as it is about reducing our carbon footprint on the earth.

Knowing that every little bit counts, Nauhria have implemented energy savings across their company in all offices and factories upgrading from energy poor floodlights and tubes lighting to high output low energy LED lighting banks. Power off sensors have been installed and training and signs placed as friendly reminders to switch off.

To further offset the demand for artifical lighting, Nauhria designed their new factory to include skylight translucent roof panelling allowing the natural sunlight to illuminate internal operating areas.

In addition to micro measures, Nauhria's investments in the Monarc technology also adopts smart energy savings with intermittent power off functions being designed and built into the industrial processing machinery.

Material & Waste Recycling

Waste management is an area well administered at nauhria from steel and wood to concrete and paper.

Where possible many production materials like formwork and moulds can be repurposed through cleaning and reconditioning processes, Materials are then stored and re-utilized into future production works until reuse is no longer feasible.

Waste products are seperately binned and collected by Waste Management experts.

Concrete waste is also captured and is removed from site to be repurposed back as recycled concrete material fillers for new concrete.

Reinforcing bars and steel formwork moulds are scrapped where they end up being remelted down and turned back into new steel forms.

Rebar used by Nauhria has a minimum content of 95-98% recycled material by their supplier and global manufacturer Natsteel.