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Thermally Insulated

Thermally Insulated Precast Panels

Consist of dual layers of Concrete within the panel separated by a Full thermal break. Thermal insulation is achieved through the casting-in of proprietary Expanded EPS foam sheeting and tappered mechanical bonding rods between the internal structural Layer and the exterior facing layers of concrete.

The Dual layers are separated with non-inducing materials creating a full thermal break between the internal and external environments of the building.

Being Concrete in nature, The Internal Concrete layer slowly stabilises to the temperature set in the internal environment , With a Full thermal break Exterior climates are unable to bridge between layers so has little influence on temperature fluctuations of the internal space.

Concrete is slow to change temperature which means minimal climate fluctuation between Day and night of the internal environment. This will provide significant energy savings related to heating and cooling and provide a more comfortable living environment.

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