Our History

From his beginnings graduating from Bits Pilani University with an honors degree in electrical engineering, Roshan Nauhria sought to make a difference in the world. Migrating to New Zealand in pursuit of opportunity and a better life for his newly wed and family to follow, Roshan ventured into the construction market disrupting the status quo and actively bringing competitive advantage in building materials and supplies to the New Zealand building and construction industry… the seed of success was planted.

Embark on the Nauhria journey stepping back through time and reviewing some of the key milestones and events that built the foundations of today’s Nauhria.


  • 1972 – Migrating to New Zealand seeking new beginnings and a better life.

    Flying into Auckland Airport upon an Air NZ flight from Sydney, Roshan Nauhria and his beautiful newly wed – Bimla Nauhria held hands nervous with excitement and anticipation as their dreams of hope, of seeking new opportunities, and of living in what they considered was one of the greatest places on earth was just a landing decent from becoming reality, and the rest as they say … is history been written.

  • 1973 – Building Nauhria Homes

    Soon after arriving in New Zealand, Roshan entered the construction market, contracting and building new residential dwellings as Nauhria homes. Business soon evolved into small Commercial Developments and Roshan gained a solid understanding and appreciation for the construction market within New Zealand.

  • 1978 – Bringing Power to Fiji

    Roshan’s experience in construction coupled with his honors degree in Electrical Engineering combined to place him in a well sought after position to successfully fulfill the building contract on the Monasavu Hydro Electric Power Station in Fiji for the Fiji Electric Authority.

  • 1979 – Roshan Nauhria Starts Nauhria Building Supplies

    Roshan Nauhria starts up Nauhria Building Supplies, in Christchurch NZ and with a committed tenacity his supply of lower cost Nails in Cardboard boxes disrupts and ignites competition for the benefit of the New Zealand building supplies market.

  • 1983 – Purchase of Ti Rakau Drive Commercial Land

    Poised centrally adjacent TiRakau Drive and neighbouring cow paddocks and located just minutes from the dynamic and fast establishing East Tamaki Industrial Area, Roshan Nauhria took ownership of Greenfield land. Airmarked for Commerical development, Roshan set off developing 40,000m2 of commercial units factories and businesses, planting the seed, for what has now become one of Auckland most dynamic business precincts. TiRakau Drive, East Tamaki.

  • 1987 – Share Market Crash

    Following the Share Market crash of 1987 came 3 challenging years for Roshan Nauhria. Juggling a crashed economy, Riff with unpaid debts, recession and poor paying creditors, Roshan true to his corporate responsibility embraced the opportunity to sell up his investments, property portfolio’s and businesses to ensuring full repayment to all his creditors and to explore new opportunities and start fresh.

  • 1991 – Nauhria Reinforcing Started in ChCh NZ
    Debt free, and determined to rebuild, Roshan restarted a new business – Nauhria Reinforcing in Christchurch. Roshan had maintained strong industry relationships and was renowned for his trustworthy credibility. The business thriving, Roshan developed key supplier partnerships with global steel manufacturing giant – Natsteel, leveraging the NZ/Singapore free trade agreements and negotiating win win supply terms that would asure Nauhria and their customers of supply continuity and stringent quality conformance with New Zealand standards.
  • 1993 – Nauhria Reinforcing relocates to East Tamaki.
    Following the end of his constraint of trade period Roshan relocated the successful reinforcing business back to the lucrative Auckland Market setting up new premises in East Tamaki. Profits were reinvested into new automated technology increasing capacity of product throughput and all encompassing services to position the business as a competitive total reinforcing steel company.
  • 2000 – Answering to a growing market demand for Precast Concrete
    As precast concrete gained increased interest and market demand, Roshan saw an opportunity that would not only open up incremental business opportunities for the Nauhria company but see horizontal integration and security to the existing reinforcing business and He began manufacturing precast concrete wall panels adjacent to Nauhria’s East Tamaki Reinforcing Factory.
  • 2001 – Rakesh Nauhria Joins with Nauhria Group
    Having successfully completed and graduated from Auckland University with his Bachelor of Business Degree, Rakesh Nauhria decided to join the family business. Ideas abound Rakesh worked closely with his father learn the business from the inside out and slowly taking on responsibilities for over seeing the Reinforcing operation. Rakesh brought fresh ideas and sound, modern business ethics that saw further development and strengthening of the family operation.

  • 2001 – Nauhria Precast Ltd Established.
    With proven success in the manufacturing and supplying of precast concrete, Nauhria established its sister company Nauhria Precast Limited. they were able to offer lower precast prices coupled with a positive can do attitude in a short space of time. As the market expanded rapidly, Nauhria were able to work closely with their customers to deliver cost effective product solutions to meet the increased demand and support demanding construction programmes.

  • 2002 – Concrete Growth and New premises
    As the construction market booms, demand for Precast concrete maxed out Nauhria’s precast production capacity and storage. On the confidence of a strong economy and booming market, Nauhria took a step up relocating and establishing a new larger and dedicated precast factory in Mahunga Drive, Mangere.
  • 2005 – Nauhria Precast Acquisition of Mediterranean Precast
    Nauhria soon out grew their Mangere premises and sought larger facilities that would allow them to not only grow but to expand their product range to support the commercial construction market. market offering. At this time Nauhria bought Medetierain And so saw the acquisition and purchase of Mediterranean Precasts established Facilities in Hobill Ave Wiri.
  • 2008 – Rakesh Appointed General Manager of Nauhria Group

    With steady growth in both precast and reinforcing , Nauhria – a previously small startup family owned business was fast transitioning to become a major supplier to the Auckland  construction market and so in preparation and support in planning for the company evolution, Rakesh Nauhria was appointed to General Manager, sharing the responsibility together with Roshan and overseeing the continued development of both the Precast and Reinforcing Companies.

  • 2008 – Introduction to the new Monarc Creative Precast

    Committing to major international investment Nauhria purchased European precast-concrete diamond refinement technology. Maximising the beauty of concretes natural Colours, Luxurious Surface Textures and Bespoke Decorative Detailing gave New Zealand’s leading Architects and Designers a creative freedom that would dynamically transform concrete into benchmarked masterpieces of high end aesthetic splendour. Monarc Creative Precast proved that Concrete truly can be Beautiful.

  • 2008 – Global Financial Crisis Destabilizes Economy

    The 2008 Global Financial Crisis hit industries around the globe hard but Nauhria took the challenge entrenching and refine its strengths and resources. Loyal to their valued staff Nauhria’s Directors refused to layoff any employees instead supporting them and taking the opportunity to upskill and develop their people and to focus on continual improvement and development across their business. The strategy and investments during tough times paid dividends for Nauhria as GFC recovery saw significant market share growth and market preference for Nauhria’s high quality product and services.

  • 2009 – Nauhria Precast re-develop and expand Hobill Ave Factory
    developing Nauhria’s Hobill ave site saw the opening by Prime Minister John Key of Nauhria’s new OFfice and Administration building and The introduction of their new larger factory to meet the demands of Nauhria reinfocings exponential growth. The development allowed operational streamlining with improved efficiencies, quality controls and capacity for both Nauhria precast and reinforcing companies resulting in better products and services for their valued customers.
  • 2010 – Centralization Of Administration Services for Nauhria Precast and Reinforcing.
    Combining resources provided key synergies for the nauhria resulting in a strengthened market service, cost reductions and faster turnaround to meet customer requirments.
  • 2011 – Nauhria Reinforcing relocates to larger new factory.
    With success continuing for the Nauhria group at an unprecedented rate, Demand for both precast and reinforcing continued to grow challenging them to seek further expansion. Overcoming this production constraint, Nauhria leased land only a few doors down Hobill ave allowing them to quadruple their operation size with further room for additional future growth and development. 61 Hobill saw further technology introduction and far greater capacity catering to an increased market demand while maintaining the highest standards in quality and service.
  • 2015 – Nauhria wins Supreme Best of the Best Westpac Auckland Business Excellence Award
  • 2017 – Acquisition & Dual Partnership Established with Vida Precast.
  • Additional Production Factory established at 21 Hobill Ave
  • 2016 – Nauhria Wins Supreme Indian Business Excellence Award
  • 2018 – Decentralisation of Nauhria Precast and Nauhria Reinforcing
    Market demand of Nauhria’s quality products and service saw significant rapid growth within the group. Nauhria implemented a resource strengthening initiative adding additional staff to bolster support resources and services. nauhria also realigned trade specific functions providing both precast and reinforcing businesses the ability to maintain full service and supply and to remain the best in the industry.
  • 2019 – Dual Partnership & commencement of Balcrom Reinforcing
    Expanding into Southland areas of New Zealand required a strategic partnership With a localised business partner experienced in servicing the developing southern communities. Nauhria’s partnering with Balcrom Director Phil Bates coupled with Nauhria’s supply, quality and process expertise has seen the successful introduction of Balcrom Reinforcing to provide a Local Full service reinforcing supplier to the southern construction market.
  • 2020 – Build Commences on New Nauhria Precast Factory
    Nauhria’s new Greenfield site development will see Nauhrias precast production expand to provide better quality products and services for the Construction industry. The new factory answers the call for increased capacity to meet the high demand in New Zealands Building and construction industry for new homes, accomodation and infrastructure.