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How we operate Sustainably

As a Nauhria core value, we know that a better tomorrow starts today and it is our responsibility to ensure we play our part and lead our industry to help protect this amazing country for the next generations to follow.

At Nauhria we promote effective and measurable sustainability initiatives across the Nauhria group. We conserve natural resources by capturing recycling and recirculating rainwater, we reduce energy consumption by engineering natural lighting into our buildings and implementing low energy substitute lighting.

We promote switching off when not in use.

We reduce consumption of new resources where ever possible through recycling, re-purposing and reuse. This initiative is exercised through our Production, Office and our organisation from supporting and promoting reusable precast elements to full recycling of all waste materials.

We promote to the design industry smart design considerations where future reuse-ability of products may be possible and we provide solutions to accommodate this while in keeping with budgetary confines.

We continually review monitor and seek new and better ways where we can contribute to the reduction of natural resources depletion.