Our Capabilities

Production Capacity

Nauhria Reinforcing operate state of the art leading technology to ensure continuity of fabricated re-bar quality and conformance with the specific requirements of New Zealand's  standards.

  • 5000 m2 Internal production & storage operations
  • 10000m2 Bulk materials storage
  • MAF Certified Import Devanning
  • 2x MEP Syntax Line-28M Straight Stock, Double ended Cut n bend
  • MEP-16 Syntax Coil fed Spiral, Stirrup and Link Machinery.
  • MEP Format-16 Plus
  • MEP Shearline
  • MEP-CS 32 Robotic Bender
  • Electric Benders
  • Electric Shears
  • Radial Former
  • ASA Rebar System
  • Tearproof electromark water proof tagging
  • HIab Deliveries
  • 12-Meter Flat deck Stock length and Prefab cage transporter.