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Sugartree Apartments

Sugartree Apartments 

When it comes to building it big in Auckland City there are few residential developments that measure up to the shear mass of Sugartree Apartments.

With the construction of 692 apartments over 3 construction stages, the Sugartree multi-tower complex, built atop 8000m2 of prime central city real estate saw the very best of collaboration between the Main Contractor, Kalmar Construction, and one of Auckland’s leading precast subcontractors, Nauhria Precast.

Kalmar and Nauhria share a long history in successfully completed projects together and value a strong relationship built on open, honest, and effective communication.

With remarkable efficiencies the Sugartree project saw an average build cycle of 8.5 days per floor. Nauhria’s inhouse shop drawing process, coupled with dedicated peer reviews, scrutinised details to ensure accurate information was transposed from drawing to product.

Nauhria also provided considerable offsite storage facilities that allowed significant manufacturing and stockpiling in advance, to ensure product was readily available to meet program needs.

As the project progressed, Kalmar’s and Nauhria’ continual improvement and collaboration, saw the successful floor pours of Stage 3 completed to 100% as scheduled.  

Many of the initiatives and developments implemented on the Sugartree project have now been adopted as standard operating procedures within Nauhria’s ISO9001,14001 and 45001 accredited systems benefitting all future Nauhria projects.

With a Precast Subcontract value of $12 million+, The Sugartree Project highlights Nauhria’s ability to delivery both products & services in full support of large Tier 1 & 2 sized projects.

A safe, secure, and sound business, Nauhria’s resources are underpinned with a wealth of experience, skills, and professionalism. Nauhria know that being a key building partner in projects helps them contribute towards their purpose of ‘Helping Build a Great and Safe New Zealand’.

Paul Feltham – Kalmar Construction – Project Director Quotes:

Kalmar worked closely with the Nauhria management team throughout the project stages across subcontract procurement, shop drawing detailing and production through to on-site delivery.

This has been a successful project for both Kalmar and Nauhria and our relationships have been strengthened as a result of good communication and a collaborative approach.

Your commitment to achieving our goals is appreciated and we look forward to continuing the journey with you on future projects.

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