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Gifts for Kids Less Fortunate

For many New Zealand Children growing up in today’s fast paced world can be a challenge in its own right, yet many children struggle daily mentally, physically, and emotionally due to circumstances beyond their control.

Nauhria collectively agree that it is their responsibility to help make NZ a greater and safer place and their staff, united in caring, chose to forgo christmas office festivities instead buying gifts and presenting them to children less fortunate in hope of bringing a smile and a moment of happiness to a child in need.


Petal Foundation – Jo Stevenson

Your gifts have been greatly received! A couple have gone to a grandmother for her grandchildren, a 6 month old baby girl that’s just been placed with her grandmother and she has cared for her 2 year old grandson since he was born, she’s terrible overwhelmed as she is on her own and struggling to meet the costs as unexpected and having to use her retirement funds, she is so grateful.

The huge bag of gifts have been given out to 3 organisations that work with the families in need, they were blown away by the huge bag of gifts.

Wishing you and all your staff at Nauhria a very Merry Christmas! Look forward to meeting you in the New Year.

Please thank your colleague again for mentioning the Petal Foundation!

Meri Kirihimete
Ngā Mihi O Te Tau Hou



Auckland District Health Board – Lizzie Pearce

I just wanted to update you in respect to the lovely gifts you and your colleagues donated to the paediatric ID team.

Within the HIV team, we distributed as many as we could to our families. We also gave most of them to our community TB nurse specialists, many of these children don’t have much so it’s fantastic for our nurses to take them a gift. We were also able to give some gifts to children admitted and unwell with measles.

Thanks so much to you and your colleagues for making such an impactful difference.


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