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EMA – Khyber Pass

EMA side view precast by Nauhria.

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PROJECT: EMA – Khyber Pass  |  COMPLETED: 2015

SUpporting Hub for the Employers & Manufacturers Association – AKLD


EMA’s new Business Hub provides offices and supporting services to the members of the Employers & Manufacturers Association – Auckland region.

With a high profile elevated location overlooking the Auckland CBD and panoramic views over Auckland Waitemata Harbour, This new iconic landmark has been designed to stand the test of time harnessing precast concrete, glass and steel construction.

Nauhria’s MONARC Creative Precast products were selected as means of achieving the challenging architectural expressions incorporated into the building structure.  Precision vertical Monarc milled rebates spanning multiple panels give eye to the height of the building while retarder exposure of aggregates recessed within the facade tower provide powerful branding visible from afar.

The Monarc milled rebates create a strong contrast between the F5 surface of portland grey cement and the reveal of natural and locally sourced black aggregate. Shadow and hi-lights are also present from the milled profiled form.

EMA demonstrates how beautiful concrete can be by coupling intelligent design and sound architectural principals with industry best practices and modern processing capabilities.         



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