Precast Wall Panels
In todays precast enviroment, precast wall panels are much like lego interlocking together onsite to simplify construction and speed up the construction time.

Nauhria precast manufacture precast wall panels to all different sizes, shapes, strengths and details, each panel is unique to its specific project.

With the capability of producing panels of any thickness most panels produced by nauhria are 150mm -200mm thick, made of 35mpa or greater concrete, sized to within safe transport dimensions of 12 meters x 4 meters and each weighing less than the inhouse 20 tonne gantry cranes.

Nauhria's skilled professional production team are experienced with regularily casting in of precision design details including edge rebates, false joints, decorative details, drain channels and tapered declines amongst many other specific requirements.

See the precast wall design considerations in our Precast technical section.

For real architectural aesthetics in precast discuss with us about MONARC creative precast.