Nauhria Precast - Intro

Nauhria precast is an integral part of New Zealand's construction industry, manufacturing and delivering concrete components to the commercial, civil and residential construction sectors. The company specialises in concrete precast wall panels, columns, beams, lintels, stairs, balconies, landings. Nauhria also exclusively manufacture and supply the the award winning Monarc Creative Precast Panels.

Nauhria Precast has enjoyed healthy growth over the last 7 years, built on its customer service driven focus - supplying to customer requirements on time, in full and within specification and with the flexibility that customers in the construction sector demand. Combining benchmarked construction technology solutions with a team of qualified quantity surveyors and production capabilities allows for a seamless service to be efficiently delivered.

The benefits of using Precast

Precast developed by Nauhria brings many benefits and advantages to your project including:
  • Financial savings to the project
  • Increased product longevity
  • Strength and protection
  • Reuseable and recycleable use of natural resources
  • Improved internal enviroment climate stability
  • Precast concrete provides CO2 absorption
  • Using precast can reduce the construction time
  • Reduced personal labour, costs and site hazard exposures.
  • Can reduce or eliminate ongoing maintenance costs
  • MONARC creative precast can comprise colour, texture and detail all in one
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Nauhria Precast Standard Terms and Conditions Nauhria Precast Standard Terms and Conditions (62 KB)

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